Dinner is served Monday-Saturday from 4pm

At Restaurant 1877, nothing should be left to chance. There is a thought behind every aspect of the unique experience we want to provide our guests. Our local roots can be found in the food, the tableware, or in the glass. There is craftsmanship and quality behind everything we serve.

For dinner, we offer our guests À la carte. Our guests can also choose a set menu with “The Best Right Now.” This menu consists of dishes selected by our kitchen. The food is served in several rounds and is meant to be shared.”

Set menu NOK 895 per person

Norwegian Pacific Oysters (mollusks) each; NOK 75.- 6 pcs NOK 399.-
Oysters Rockefeller (mollusks, lactose, wheat) 2 pcs NOK 185,-
Gougère with cave cheese from Hitra (wheat, lactose) NOK 160.-
Olives (sulfites) NOK 99.-
Spanish macron almonds (almonds) NOK 115.-
Bread service (gluten, lactose) NOK 89.-

Pasta NOK (wheat,lactose) 279.-
Celery, bottarga (tahini), and watercress (celery, lactose, fish, sesame, sulfites) NOK 209.-
Potato, cabbage, and mushroom terrine with herb salad (lactose, sulfites) NOK 209.-
Winter salad with bergamot (celery) and grated mature Fana cheese (celery, lactose, sulfites) NOK 2’19.-
Fish pudding with pil pil, Italian Castel Franco salad, smoked paprika (egg, milk, fish, mollusks, celery, sulfites) NOK 239.-

Lobster Terminator (Fri-Sat) (shellfish, fish, milk, wheat, sulfites) NOK 1600.-
Flatfish bycatch can be bought whole or half and priced by weight, small potatoes, broccoli, sauce beurre blanc with mustard and curry. (fish, mollusks, butter, cheese, mustard, sulfites)
Pork chop, sautéed kale, sherry and lingonberry jus. (sulfites, lactose) NOK 449.-

Paris Brest, brown cheese, and black garlic. (wheat, hazelnut, lactose) 210,-
Sour milk and cream puffs with citrus salad, kelp brittle, and kelp/bergamot vinaigrette. (lactose, hazelnut, egg) NOK 210.-

Lemon blondie with Amalfi (egg, lactose, macadamia) NOK 119.-

Our kitchen is based on the season and access to the best ingredients. Therefore, it might be changes and deviations from the menu above.