Afternoon Tea Menu

𝗙𝗿om the ocean:
«Skagen salad»
Salmon, tarragon, cream cheese
Smoked eel, saffron rouille, chives
𝗙𝗿om the countryside:
Avocado, scrambled eggs
Blue cheese and nuts
Cucumber, sour cream
𝗙𝗿om the farm:
Chicken liver, pistachios, apricots
Salami, tapenade
Roast beef, honey, red cabbage
Orange marmalade
Dulche Leche with sour cream
Strawberry jam
Chocolate truffle with hazelnut and cognac
Lemon tart with meringue
Mandarin pate de fruit
Macaron with chocolate and cloudberries
NOK 535,- per guest included your choice of tea from «Tetøsene»